RJ45 Pinout

RJ45 Pinout: RJ45 Ethernet Color Wiring Guides – RJ45 Wiring Instructions RJ45 TIA568A Pinout The TIA568A (Telecommunications Industry Association) standard is the preferred method of terminating cable. The solid color wires and the striped wires are always alternated with pin 1 always being stripped. Pair 1, blue/blue-white is always on pins 4 & 5, in the middle. … Read more

How to Copy and Paste With Keyboard

How to Copy and Paste With Keyboard Many new computer users do not know how to copy text to the keyboard. Instead, they use the right mouse button and the copy command in the context menu. This way of copying text works great. But, unfortunately, it takes too long. In this article, you’ll learn how … Read more

How to Open Device Manager in Windows

How to Open Device Manager in Windows 7? Device Manager is a built-in program that catalogs all hardware devices associated with your Windows computer or laptop. Usually, you can access it from within the Windows Control Panel. Examples of hardware include built-in USB drives, your keyboard and mouse, game controllers, network adapters, printers, and more. … Read more

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