Yandex Browser: Pros, Cons and Features

Yandex BrowserYandex Browser

Yandex Browser can be used as an alternative as a search engine or a search engine in cyberspace. You may have never read or heard of the Yandex name, let alone used it. This is quite natural because this search engine is less popular.

Especially in Asian countries, especially Indonesia. You’ve probably often used Google on your gadget to search for or get the information you want in cyberspace. The reason is that Android-based gadgets such as Google’s media are really widely used here.

It is quite natural that gadgets like smartphones already have several built-in apps, such as Google, Play Store, or others. Therefore, you can use the manufacturer’s app directly without having to download and install additional apps. Although the search engine Yandex is no less powerful than Google, Bing, or other well-known names.

Those of you who are unfamiliar with Yandex can read this article in its entirety to get interesting information. Who knows, you might find it interesting to use.

Take a closer look at the Yandex browser

You should know that Yandex is the name of a large Russian company engaged in technology. Greater emphasis on the provision of Internet network services not only in Russia but also abroad.

Yandex creates various technological products, such as navigation apps, online advertising, e-commerce, Internet search engines, etc. In other words, Yandex is already popular in Russia and abroad.

It is therefore not surprising that his products in the field of technology are well known to the Russian public. There is no exception, the Yandex search engine, which is used by people there when they want to get the information they want.

In Russia, Yandex is better known and used by many people than Google. Although globally it still can’t compete with Google, Bing, or Yahoo. However, Yandex can rely on especially Russians who do not want to be addicted to foreign technology.

So people in Russia understand nationalism very well, using products made in their own country. In this case, the search engine Yandex. Of course, it is also based on the political and economic policies of the government there.

Of course, this search engine has advantages, disadvantages, and idlers as a separate attraction for its users. Those of you who want to try to use it should also know the detailed information so that you do not feel disappointed in the future.

Interesting features in the Yandex browser

You already know about Yandex as the name of a large Russian company that also created a search engine with the same name. Of course, you want to know the search engine before you try to use it. As with other search engines, such as Google or Yahoo. Yandex also has a variety of interesting features offered to its users around the world. So the Yandex search engine can really be applied by anyone in any part of the world.

You are no exception from Indonesia. There are some interesting features you need to know about the Yandex search engine. Each function has its own function that can be used for a specific purpose.

Yandex Browser

Surfing service to find and get a lot of information through the search engine app. Its function is the same as Google’s, but there are advantages and disadvantages that make it different.

For example, since the advent of the Internet search site. In addition, the technology used is designed as Google Chrome, which is based on Chromium. You will understand the difference when you use it.

Yandex Connect

B2B service from Yandex, which is more prone to Internet connectivity, is useful for many people. In general, this one feature is not considered useful but will be felt when you use other features.

Yandex DNS

Free public DNS service launched by Yandex for all its users without exception. Absolutely free nickname, free of charge.

Yandex disk

Yandex digital storage service. It works similar to Google Drive, but Yandex.

Yandex Images

Special image search engine from Yandex. You can search for the desired image by typing specific keywords or keywords or using images.

Yandex Mail

E-mail service or e-mail that has no storage restrictions. In addition, it is free for use by all Yandex users. Its function is similar to Google Mail or Gmail.

Yandex Money

Yandex digital payment service between users. Using this service, each user can transfer a certain amount of money without additional fees or for free.

Yandex Taxi

Transport service from Yandex, which connects its customers with taxi companies in Russia. The concept is similar to online fees with a third-party intermediary.

Yandex Translate

Online text translation service. Its function is similar to Google Translate.

Yandex Video

Yandex video search service, which can be accessed by its users.

How to download, install and use the Yandex browser

Before you can use the Yandex search engine, you must first download and install the app. The reason is that the Yandex app does not exist or is not the factory default, such as Google or Yahoo search engines, which are already installed on Android-based smartphones.

Therefore, you must first download the app file. Then you need to install the app on each of your gadgets, such as smartphones, personal computers (computers), laptops, tablets, or others.

After downloading and installing, you can use the Yandex browser as a search engine. For more details on the mentioned steps, please read the following description, which may be useful.

Download the Yandex browser

There are several steps you need to take when you want to download the Yandex browser app as follows.

The first step you need to do is download the Yandex search engine files here. Those of you who use Android-based gadgets may be able to find apps.
How to install the Yandex browser
After successfully downloading the file, you can immediately install it on your gadget. Since the app is not downloaded from the Play Store, you need to install it manually in a certain way or step.

Those of you who have already installed apps in such a manual way, please just put it into practice. However, for those of you who do not know how first read how to install the following file on the Yandex browser.

First, prepare your gadget, then open the settings menu or settings. You then choose security to activate the installation part from unknown sources. This means that you can install app files that you get downloaded from external sources, such as websites or websites.
By activating it, you can install the Yandex browser on your gadget. Then open the downloaded folder in the download section. Then look for the name of Yandex, which has the status of an app file. When you find it, just click on its name or icon to begin the installation.

Just wait for the installation process to complete. Then you must first restart your gadget before opening the Yandex app. The goal is to use the app more optimally and to refresh the computer system of your widget.
After restarting, please open the Yandex Browser app on your gadget. You can use and use the app as a search engine to find the various desired information, such as Google features.
How to use the Yandex browser
Then you also need to know how to use the Yandex search engine. It is useless that you downloaded and installed it, but failed to implement it. Therefore, you need to know it to use the search engine.

In fact, how to use it is similar to other search engines on the Internet, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. For those of you who are used to using search engines, it is certainly easy to use Yandex. Read the description below for more details.

First, prepare your gadget and open the Yandex browser by clicking on the image, icon, or text. Normally, the Yandex icon will appear on the gadget’s screen after you install it.
Once you open the main page, you can immediately use the search engine there. Just enter information, data, or anything in the search box. Then press search or OK and wait a few minutes.
A series of sites or websites will appear containing the information you want. You can then select and open them one by one until you find the information you want.
You may worry that the Yandex search engine uses an introduction or contains Russian.

The reason is that Yandex comes from this country. No need to worry, because the language of instruction is still English as an international language. However, the Russian language remains in the options in the settings. So you can use the Yandex search engine easily and practically, just like when you use Google. Also, you are not used to using it in everyday activities.
If you are used to it, it will also be easy and there will be no significant problems. So please try.
Advantages and disadvantages of the Yandex browser
Advantages and disadvantages of the Yandex browser

You already know a lot about Yandex as a cyber browsing search engine. You can also use it to get a variety of desired information.

However, you should also know that this search engine also has its drawbacks. In principle, any man-made app is not perfect. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to each.

Same with Yandex, which has it. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with knowing it in more detail as a useful consideration. Here is more information.

Advantages of the Yandex browser

There are several advantages of the Yandex search tool, which are as follows.

Search engine capabilities are quite good, although they are still lower than Google.
The interface looks pretty cool with style like a multi-page magazine.
Yandex users in the European region, especially in Russia and the surrounding area, are very high. Therefore, Yandex could become a serious competitor to Google or other browsers in Europe.
The search engine navigation menu is quite complete and easy to learn for beginners. That way, they can use it faster.
The Yandex search engine has an intelligent algorithmic system so that it can display quite complete and accurate information about its users.

Disadvantages of the Yandex browser

In addition to the advantages you read above, the Yandex search engine has several disadvantages, which are as follows.

One of the disadvantages that can be seen is that it takes too long to load for a search engine class. However, the boot time of an app system is also determined by the stability of the Internet used.
Some users have difficulty starting navigation. Maybe they are Russian outsiders who use Russian as their language of instruction, so it’s hard to understand.
This search tool is not recommended for all of you who use low specification widgets. Meanwhile, for gadgets with medium to high specifications, it is recommended and appropriate to use Yandex. There may still be viruses, spam, or search engine malware. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you can with the best and most up-to-date antivirus program when downloading and installing the app file of your gadget.
Yandex’s algorithm failed to compete with Google’s. However, it is not impossible for Yandex to always innovate to update its search engine system. The algorithm is no exception.
The range of index data and information held by Yandex is also not as detailed as Google. That is why it is said that Yandex is still lower than Google.

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