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TinyTaskTinyTask is a small utility for recording and repeating mouse and keyboard input, the user can customize the number and speed of repetitions. Download TinyTask now by clicking the download button.

This app is a free tool. So that everyone can freely download and use it on their computers.
To be able to use this basic automation process any number of times, as you prefer, with the click of a button in the app.
TinyTask is so clear that you just need to open it and then save the activities for the automation process.

In addition, the app allows you to set the playback speed according to your preferences so that you can customize the playback speed in the settings tab.

You can also set how many times the app performs the task automatically (for example, 20 times)

You can also set recording and playback settings for keyboard shortcuts. So that you can quickly continue with the activities.

TinyTask Features

  • Free utility
  • Super easy to use.
  • Small size, only 36KB.
  • Commands can be saved or compiled into an EXE file.
  • The number of repetitions can be customized.
  • The repetition rate can be customized.

Tiny Task is a very useful, lightweight app that does not require installation. It is ideal for recording small machines that can perform your daily or more tedious activities.

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