The challenges of cybersecurity and migration to the cloud

cybersecurityWhen talking about migration to the cloud, the topic of cybersecurity is always on the agenda, even more so with the current pandemic that is affecting different economies. Mainly because it is attractive due to the high number of companies that are storing their sensitive information in the cloud; However, another point that calls attention is the same measures to mitigate possible hacker attacks.

Whoever wants to migrate to the cloud must take into account that not only the data must be stored correctly and organized so that it is not lost during the migration, but also the entire IT infrastructure must be adequate for the migration to be smooth.

Regardless of the strategy, the company adopts, knowing the main trends and challenges can help you choose the type of cloud (public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud), and how to ensure the security of your data.

Key challenges for your migration to the cloud

All preparations for cloud migration need to be planned well in advance. When talking about innovating and increasing security, you have to take into account both the migration strategy and security, and therein lies the first challenge.

The migration of IT infrastructures to cloud computing environments requires a well-designed plan, especially so that there is no overload of work or enlarge the attack surface for cybercriminals.

Another fact to keep in mind is that the infrastructures are not always suitable for migration, that is, what is needed in some cases not only to prepare the data for the migration but also all the hardware equipment to introduce and guarantee the migration to occur. 

Market trends can help you

There is a considerable global market trend to migrate to the cloud, either through better project management or storage management, which can be done in an easier and more scalable practice.

Another point is in relation to the great growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data. Both technologies are already present in most business systems, helping a better customer response -whether internal or external-, as well as managing and helping managers to improve and optimize workloads.

Security must be present from the beginning

When thinking about migration, security must be present from the moment it is decided to migrate data and IT infrastructure to the cloud, that is, migration planning requires special care so that data is not lost, it reaches the wrong hands. desired or damaged.

Migration planning also requires a good data provider to help you upfront by understanding your business and how best to migrate to the cloud.

Simplify migration to the cloud

Providing cloud-based systems can be very simple, as simple as clicking a link. Adding new structures to your business based on cloud technology can at first be a bit complex and confusing, sometimes IT professionals require new training to support efficient administration.

However, in the long run, bringing your IT infrastructure to the cloud can be a huge advantage, mainly because data security will be one of the top priorities. Without forgetting that in post-covid times, the wise management of resources will be a key element for the growth of your profits.

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