Shortcut Snipping Tool: How To Setup Shortcut Key To The Snipping Tool

Windows includes a screenshot tool that is actually quite good. You can take a regional capture or full screenshot and easily save it using this tool. The only problem with this tool is that there are no keyboard shortcuts to start. In this article, I will explain the steps for creating your own keyboard shortcut for Windows Snipping Tool – a practical application for taking screenshots when writing and play games. This is a multi-step process for finding Snipping Tools with Windows Explorer. Instead, I have set the Snipping Tool keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + S so that I can open it in seconds.


Find the Snipping Tool application in Windows Explorer by going to the Start menu and entering “Snipping.”

keyboard shortcut for snipping tool

Right-click on the application name and click Properties.

shortcut for snipping tool

Next to the Shortcut button: enter the key combination that you want to use to open the application. I have used Ctrl + Alt + S because the key combination has not been used for other actions. Click OK, and try your new shortcut. After you integrate it into your workflow, keyboard shortcuts can save you time.



Shortcut Snipping Tool

How To Use The Snipping Tool

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