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Rufus imageRufus is completely free software with which you can create USB boot devices.
Rufus is a software package that allows users to quickly create a bootable USB device. This is an excellent option for installing on a computer without an operating system or when certain firmware needs to be run from a DOS framework. The software is free to download. Program is a very useful, practical, and easy-to-use program.

Basic functions and usability
Rufus is known for offering a very simple user interface, so only minimal technical knowledge is required to work with the program. It allows for lean and agile memory management and operating system optimization. Specific fields such as the selected device, partition, file system, and cluster size must be filled. After the user manually enters the desired label, the USB creation process begins. The program shows all the progress and as soon as the process is complete, the device can be activated immediately. This makes it very easy to format new flash drives and memory.

More information
The latest version of Rufus 3.17 is only 1.11 megabytes. To use the program you only need to download the file and run it, no installation is required. You can do it from the link you will see at the end of the article. Supports many languages ​​and works with all versions of Windows.

Rufus 3.17 File Information

Category Windows
Official site:
Latest Version: v.3.17
License Free
Size: 1.31MB
Filename: Rufus-3.17.exe
Last Updated 1 day ago

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