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RepelisPlusRepelisPlus Apk is an Android entertainment app made by RepelisApp that you can install on your Android devices to enjoy! RepelisPlus is the ultimate alternative if you are looking for a rich catalog of current HD movies and series to spend hours of entertainment from your mobile phone or mobile device with a high content of popular movies for free. Its simple and elegant design will make you enjoy a large number of movies in Spanish, where you can rate movies offline and online in an easy and freeway.

At RepelisPlus Apk you can find your favorite movies and if you are not happy, you can send us a message and ask for them.

Every day we add more and more series and movies to our catalog of the so-called seventh art with quality cinema and the best HD movies. Action movies, comedy, drama, adventure, romance, fantasy, science fiction, family, and many other genres can be found in RepelisPlus APK. Where you will have an assessment of each of the films, as well as watch movie trailers, actors involved in them, and many other interesting facts that will help you decide the best movies to watch.

To stream content so you don’t have to download it, click the Watch Now button. Sometimes you can choose between Spanish and Spanish Latam, although in other cases you will not get this option. On the other hand, if you want to download a file, there are several download links available. Just choose which movie or episode you want on your smartphone to enjoy when and where you want. РepelisPlus Apk is a great app.

RepelisPlus Apk File Information

What’s new:

– Changes and updates in the SDK
– New permissions added

Category Apps
Latest Version: v4.1
License Free
Size: 33.60 MB
Filename: repelisplus-4.1.apk
Last Updated 1 day ago

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