Psiphon 3 Download for Windows 7,8 & 10

Psiphon 3Psiphon 3 is software for bypassing platforms for Windows and Mobile, which provides uncensored access to Internet content. An open-source web proxy designed to help Internet users affected by Internet censorship bypass content filtering systems.

Psiphon 3 serves a specific and simple purpose: to provide users with open access to the Internet when controls and restrictions on information are arbitrarily imposed in a country. The Psiphon service aims to be the first resort against censorship, where and when it happens.

The Psiphon 3 has been developed using the latest VPN, SSH, and HTTP proxy technologies to keep users connected at any time with easy-to-use mobile software. The software is built on technology that connects people in response to the growing efforts of governments trying to block them. The Internet is not widespread worldwide if someone is denied access somewhere. The right to freedom of opinion and expression affects us all, even if censorship does not.

It is easy to download this Psiphon 3 for windows and run it on your device. You should receive a security prompt. Once you choose to run the client, it will automatically start connecting. Users have the opportunity to choose their preferred tunnel mode.

When the connection icon stops rotating and appears green, it means that your connection has been established. If you are in SSH and SSH + mode, the program will automatically set the Windows system proxy settings that must be observed by all major web browsers.

There is also a split tunnel option, in which international traffic is tunneled through the proxy, while domestic traffic is not. You’ll need to check the “don’t use proxy internal websites” option. When you do this, Psiphon 3 will report all non-proxy domains in the message box.

Psiphon 3 Features

  • Uncensored all blocked content
  • Gives security of personal information
  • Exclusively works against unlawful control of the government
  • Used latest VPN like SSH and HTTP
  • Simple and user-friendly software
Category Windows
License Free
Latest Version: Build 160
Size: 7.10 MB
Filename psiphon3.exe
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