Notepad++ 7.9.5 Release Final

notepad plusNotepad ++ is a small text editor that removes many of the limitations of Windows Notepad.

Notebook ++
The most important features of a full-fledged word processor are available in the small download. Notepad ++ knows, even more, the syntax of all common programming languages.

However, Notepad ++ loads quickly and is also resource-efficient. Rather, the tool supports you in your work by emphasizing syntax, multi-view, drag-and-drop, auto-completion, and more.

Because Notepad ++ is open source, a number of plug-ins have now appeared that make the job even easier. You can select or deselect them during installation.

It is written in C ++, has a beautiful interface, conducive to work, and there is full support for Drag’N’Drop.

  • The main features:
  • coloring in programming languages ​​and support in languages,
  • user-defined coloring in program languages,
  • automatic completion of smoke,
  • a look at some documents at once,
  • support for replacement/replacement of common expressions,
  • full support for Drag ‘N’ Drop
  • dynamic position on the view, automatic detection of the stats on the file,
  • scaling up and scaling up,
  • work in a multilingual environment,
  • notes,
  • coloring on tubes and guidelines,
  • recording and reproduction of macs and others.

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