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NordVPN downloadDescription of NordVPN
The Nord VPN app will allow you to connect securely to a network from anywhere in the world. With NordVPN you will have access to censored websites with limited accessibility in your country.

It provides you with the best protection against spies and hackers who want to take advantage of your IP address. Maintain your privacy as much as possible when you are online. With its effective CyberSec feature, you can instantly detect and block any malware or malicious website.

It offers you complete online encryption for security and martial law. This will help you stay calm and safe while surfing the web. If you download NordVPN on your Android and iOS devices, you can enjoy the real protection of your personal data.

Browse with the best security guarantee on the web

This is an app with a very nice, user-friendly, and secure interface. All you have to do is navigate the world map, select a country and connect through it.

It allows you to get completely fast, personal, and secure access, as this is a VPN with the best technology on the planet. You can get military protection, block dangerous pages and remove intrusive ads.

This is a huge shield against all types of malware, as it has the best CyberSec feature, so no threat can damage your terminal.

But that’s not all, this feature can also remove annoying banner ads. Without them, you will be able to surf the web faster and this can help you reduce the amount of mobile data you consume.

By simply pressing a switch once, it will provide you with security when browsing any WiFi network, especially the public. You can protect your data from spies or spies with questionable intentions.

What can we say about sites that are censored or restricted in your country? NordVPN will also unblock these geo-censored sites for you. It will also allow you to watch the streaming of your favorite videos, no matter where you are.

One of the features that most users are looking for is this tool: it keeps your IP hidden at all times. It also protects your internet traffic with strong encryption every time you surf the web.

Nord VPN functions

  • You can connect to more than 5,000 servers in at least 60 countries to provide you with 100% protection.
  • Оffers you various military encryption protocols, such as IKEv2 / IPSec and OpenVPN.
  • It allows you to connect 6 devices simultaneously in the same account.
  • It allows you to enjoy a 7-day trial completely free of charge. However, to continue using it, you will need to subscribe to the full version and enjoy all the benefits without restrictions.
  • It does not record your network activity.

NordVPN is the best VPN app in the world. It offers the greatest protection for your data and assistance 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Take advantage of this!

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Latest Version: v.5.2.2
Size: 31.60 MB
Filename: nordvpn-5-2-2.apk
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