How to Take a Screenshot on a Dell

How to Screenshot on Dell laptop

In this post, I will teach you how to take a Screenshot on Dell Computer in a few simple steps. Taking a screenshot is a very easy job that you can do very quickly and easily. You can create as many screenshots as you want. How to take a Game screenshot, program screenshot, Facebook post screenshot… and many more. So, what does it take to take a screenshot of a Dell laptop?

How to take a screenshot on Dell Laptop?

Now I will show you two ways:
One way is to use the Snipping tool on Windows and the other is to use the Fn + Prnt Scrn keyboard shortcut.

  1. Compared with traditional methods of pressing “Fn + PrtScn” to take a screenshot on a Dell laptop, pieces of equipment may be less familiar to Windows users. This is a screenshot of a How To Take a Screenshot on a Dellsimple yet effective utility that comes with Windows. If your Dell computer running the Windows operating system, you only need to click the “Start” tab on the taskbar and the “All Programs”. Then, you can find the “Snipping Tool” in the folder “Accessories”. Meanwhile, if the Windows 10 OS, click the “Start” again and looking for it in the search bar. Now you can choose a screenshot mode that you want from the drop-down button “New” and began to catch the screen on the Dell.
  2. Press Fn and the Print Screen key to get a screenshot of the entire screen, and then copy it to the clipboard. Press Fn + Win + Print Screen keys together to record the full screen and save it to your hard drive. Click Fn + Alt + Print Screen button to capture the active window in the Dell tablet or desktop. Therefore, you can manage the Dell screenshot in an easier way. The reason you need to press the Fn each time is to enable the real screen capture functionality of the Print Screen icon.
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