How To Reset Your Facebook Password

How to Reset Forgot Facebook PasswordHow to reset your Facebook password.

Hi. Now I will tell you how to reset your Facebook account password if forgotten. Mobile devices and web browsers do a good job and remember your password for you. They do this great job so when you really get paid for it, you might have completely forgotten who he is. If this happens with your Facebook account, don’t panic, the reset process resets Facebook passwords are pretty painless and you will back up and run in a few minutes.
I will help and guide you on how to reset your password on Facebook through the app on your mobile. First, we will learn how to reset your account.

Forget your password on Facebook through the Facebook Mobile app.

Step 1

Launch the Facebook app on your device. If you do not automatically enter your account, you will go to the login screen.

Step 2

Click the image associated with your account. A field appears to enter your screen password.

Step 3

Click “Forgot Password” at the bottom of the screen. The “Let You Find Your Account” screen appears.

Step 4

Enter the name, email, or telephone number associated with your Facebook account to find your own field at the top of the screen, then press “Search”. A confirmation screen shows your account, a list of options that you can use to confirm your Facebook account. In this example, I will choose to confirm your Facebook account via email. Click “Continue” after choosing how you want to confirm your account. A confirmation screen appears asking you to enter the code sent to you. Through the method you choose. Open your account confirmation screen.

Step 5

After you retrieve your security code by selecting the method, enter this code in the Enter Icon field on your account confirmation screen and click Continue. “The Logout screen appears on all devices. In this example, we will choose” Keep Me Logged “, then select Continue. Your account lock screen will appear.

Step 6

Enter a new password for your Facebook account in the column Type a new password on the safe screen of your account, then click ‘Continue’. You will be directed to the main screen of your Facebook account.


You have successfully reset your forgotten Facebook password.

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