How to Open DAT Files in Windows

How to open DAT files in Windows

How to read and open DAT files in windows

The first thing to understand about DAT files is that it shows files that have arbitrary data. That means it is not related to a particular program or application. When you see a file with the .XLS extension, you know it refers to the Exel file, and so on. But with a .DAT file, you must know how to open it yourself and maybe not the same program every time.

The best way to open a DAT file is to use the program that created it.

However, if you are not sure, you can always try Notepad. Now when you open it in Notepad, you might be able to recognize some data, but the rest is likely to be discarded by the program that created it.

You will usually only see this file format when receiving an email with an attachment. Most common programs don’t currently produce DAT files and only computer programmers use these files regularly.

So your first step is to ask the person who sent you the email if they know which program to use to create the file. Now if they tell you that they actually sent a picture or document and they are not sure why it is a .DAT file, it could be that the file extension was changed in the process of sending an email to you.

For some strange reasons, some e-mail programs automatically change file extensions in e-mail attachments to .DAT. So, if the person sent you a picture and now a .DAT file, you must save it to the computer and then change the file extension to JPG, GIF or PNG or whatever you think it should be. If they send you word documents, change them to .DOC or .DOCX.

How to open .DAT files in windowsYou can change the file extension in the file by first going to My Computer, clicking Tools and then Folder Options.

Then click on the Display tab and then go down to the “Hide extensions for known file types” option and discard the checkmark. In this way, we can now see the file extension and change it to another.

Now just right-click on the .DAT file and change the file extension after the point becomes the desired file format.

How To Open .DAT File In Windows

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