How to Boot in Safe Mode Windows

how to boot in safe mode windowsBoot in Safe Mode Windows – How to

Windows is the most versatile and powerful operating system. Sometimes windows stop working properly. This happens when you install new software or new hardware. When you install new hardware or device suddenly, your computer crashes. In a hanging situation, you need to restart your computer, after restarting your computers gets on in a new look actually this new look is a safe mode view of the computer.

In safe mode, many features of windows stop for short while for example in safe mode your CD-ROM drive disappears also the sound of your system doesn’t work. Windows load itself into a safe mode when your windows stop working properly. Safe mode in vista performs following temporary changes to windows Your CD-ROM drive disappears. Your screen colors automatically set to 16 bit or lower.

To start Windows in safe mode there are different methods.

We will discuss two methods for a start in safe mode

1. Restart your computer, on the startup screen start pressing the F8 key after pressing two or three times windows advance boot option will appear. In advance boot option select safe mode with the help of your keyboard then press enter. Then select the administrator profile to start the windows. Your computer is now in safe mode.

2. You can enter into a safe mode window using the normal windows options. To do this click on the start button on the taskbar, in the search box type the following command MSConfig and press enter. System configuration window will open in this window click on boot tab, and then select safe boot after this click on apply and then press ok. your computer will ask you to restart, click to restart to log into safe mode.

A safe mode view has limited functions, and it uses administrative control of windows.

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