How to Boot in Safe Mode Windows

Boot in Safe Mode Windows – How to Windows is the most versatile and powerful operating system. Sometimes windows stop working properly. This happens when you install new software or new hardware. When you install new hardware or device suddenly, your computer crashes. In a hanging situation, you need to restart your computer, after restarting your computers gets … Read more

Shadow Fight 2 For Windows

Shadow Fight 2 for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 & Mac We all love action games. To be precise, we have been playing fighting games since we were children and for boys, the craze for fighting games never ends. We have played games like Streetfighter, Tekken in video games but the problem with it is … Read more

How to Open DAT Files in Windows

How to open DAT files in Windows How to read and open DAT files in windows The first thing to understand about DAT files is that it shows files that have arbitrary data. That means it is not related to a particular program or application. When you see a file with the .XLS extension, you … Read more

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